• Your Bubble

    Inside the Bubble is your own personal Space. Outside the Bubble is everyone else's Space.


    Your personal Bubble of space is an Experiential Distinction that energetically surrounds your Physical Body at about half-an-arm's distance. It often has an egg-shape. The Bubble is transparent, flexible, and resilient.

    Inside the Bubble is your own personal Space. Outside the Bubble is everyone else's Space.

    The distinction of your personal Bubble of space is not part of the learning program of modern culture school. Therefore, it is possible that you have never experience having your own personal Bubble of space.

    The continuous experience that you probably have is that you experience other people's feelings, emotions, projections, assumptions, conclusions, opinions, energy-shift, mood swings, etc... as if they were your own. When someone feels sad, you naturally start crying. If someone feels angry, you unquestionable consider that you have the power to stop what is making them angry. If someone is scared, you get scared. If someone declare that something is not working for them, you automatically consider it your fault.

    This is the result of not declaring, holding, and cleaning your personal Bubble of space.

    It is equally exhausting and confusing. Especially if you have a sensitive nervous system or your survival strategy depends on the people around you feeling 'happy' or 'pleased', meaning Numb.

    Having a thin layer of 'protection' around your nerves and nervous system makes you sensitive to other people's feelings, emotions, shift in energy, though process, etc ... in a space. This is often a sensitivity observed in people who are spaceholders and healers.

    You might have discovered that an efficient strategy to avoid being overwhelm by other people's emotional chaos is then to isolate and recluse.

    We have discovered that it is possible to have a sensitive nervous system, and be around alive human being with their feelings and emotions without being overwhelmed. It takes to learn some necessary distinctions and practice a few new skills which allow you to navigate the sensitivity consciously, such as how to declare, hold and clear your Bubble of personal space.

    As you read through this website and do the experiments and practices, it might be that you declare, hold, and clear your Bubble of personal space for the very first time. Things will change around, your experience of the outer and inner world will shift. Give yourself some time and space to adjust to your new experience, and for the people around you also to adjust.


















  • Declare Your Bubble

    Use Your Clicker

    When you stay in a Small NOW in the Present and use your Split Attention, your Intention, and your Clicker, you can energetically Declare your Bubble of personal space.

    To declare your personal Bubble of space for the first time - you can do it right now as you read through these lines:
    First, put your two feet on the floor.
    Then, use your attention to find your Center. It could be in the past (if you trying to change a conversation that has already happened), in the future (if you rearshing a conversation that will happen), with someone else (if you are afraid of what they think of you), with adverstisments (if you worry about how good you look, or which cool car to get next), etc...
    With your intention, then move your Center from where it is to your Physical Center. (Find more information on the Become Centered website).
    You then are having the experience of Being Centered.

    When you are centered, you have access to your Energetic Toolbelt and your 13 Tools. One of them is your Clicker, that you use by snapping your fingers.
    Use your Clicker to declare (with a "click") your Grounding Cord, a flexible but solid energetic cord between your Center and the center of Gaia about 5cm diameter.

    When centered, and grounded, use your Clicker one more time and declare (with a "click") your Bubble of personal space.

    Check that your Bubble goes all around you, around your head, your back and your feet, around your Grounding Cord and that it does not have holes it in. If you find that your Bubble has holes in it. Simply vanish it the same way you declared it, with your Clicker. And declare it again putting attention on having a complete closed bubble.

    Et voilà!

    Your Bubble of personal space surrounds entirely your
    Physical Body at about half-an-arm's distance. It has an egg-shape. It is transparent, flexible, and resilient.



    The experience that follows declaring your Bubble of personal space is that you can distinguish between:
    • your feelings & emotions and their feelings & emotions. It might be the frist time that you will be able to experience your feelings and emotions without them being confused with someone else's. You will still be able to sense the other person's feelings and emotions BUT without making them your own.
    • your needs & wants, and their needs & wants
    • your experience and their projections
    • your values and their values
    • your context and their context

    This one distinction of declaring your Bubble of personal space gives you access tostand in your own Authority, while staying in contact with others. You now have access to:

    Feeling Alone

    The first time that you declare your personal Bubble of space, you might have the experience of 'not being connected' with the people. They are too far away, you cannot 'feel them' as clearly as you could before. You cannot anticipate their every move. You don't know what they are thinking.
    You feel alone.

    This is an indication that you wire inside of yourself that for you to 'be connected', you need to let people invade your personal space or you need to be in their space. It is a powerful survival strategy that allows you to know what other think and feel even before they do, and you can - for example - manipulate them by giving them exactly what they want even before they want it or ask for it. Therefore, you are safe, always.

    However, you do not get to be yourself. You live in survival, only reacting to other people's roller coaster, not living with access to your own impulses and inner world.

    Accessing living and access your own space will require for you to give up the benefit of safety that comes with being in someone else's space or having someone in your space. This will probably require a number of Emotional Healing Process.

















  • Hold Your Bubble

    Put Your Attention To Your Bubble

    Make Your Bubble Thicker

    If despite having declared your Bubble of personal space, you keep experiencing other people's feelings and emotions as your own (in your space), then ,ake your personal bubble of space thicker (as a declaration). A regular Bubble is usually 1 or 2 mm thick, and you can make it as thick as 1 or 1,5cm.

    Then keep your attention on your Bubble and experience the feelings, emotions, thoughts, projections of others 'hit' and slide down your bubble - like a raw egg on a window down! - into the Earth. Do not worry, Gaia uses these things as fertilizers!



















  • Clean Your Bubble

    Psychic etiquette demands that the inside of your Bubble remain free of everyone else's energy.
    The indicator that you have someone else's energy in your Space is if you are having a conversation or argument with another person in your mind.
    Having a cleansed and renewed Bubble is part of the First Position of a Possibility Manager.

    Golden Pearls: Use Your Own Information and Energy

    Use A Vaccuum

    Extended Version of Cleaning Your Bubble


















  • Experiments

    To do by yourself or with your Possibility Team

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    Clean Out Your Personal Bubble of Space

    Using your Clicker (one of the 13 tools on your Possibility Tool Belt)
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    Fill Your Bubble With Golden Pearls

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